The goal of The HealthCare Connection’s Outreach and Enrollment program is to assist individuals and families in signing up for the health insurance that is right for them, whether it be Medicaid or a private plan from the Health Insurance Marketplace. With the expansion of Medicaid in Ohio, many or most of our currently uninsured patients may qualify for Medicaid health coverage. THCC currently serves more than 3,000 patients that are uninsured, but our services are not limited to the patients of our centers. THCC has four Certified Application Counselors on staff, and their services are free of charge. To schedule an appointment, call Charles Woode, Outreach and Enrollment Coordinator, at 513-483-3041. Call John Sullivan, Certified Application Counselor, at 513-483-3097 to schedule an appointment in Spanish.

Call 513-483-3041 to make your appointment or 513-483-3097 to make your appointment in Spanish. Both telephone numbers have Certified Application Counselors who will help you get covered and stay covered. Their help is free of charge. Please be sure to bring photo identification, proof of income, and know the Social Security numbers for yourself and other members of your household.