A Great Place to Work and Grow


A lot of the patients, over the years, had no one else who would see them for medical and dental care. THCC has been there to assist the patients with their healthcare needs. The care is delivered with empathy, and a lot of caring and troubleshooting. I feel the patients have a better quality of life when their healthcare needs are met. 

Judy Taennis

Practice Manager

Working at THCC is a great pleasure for me. I appreciate being able to work in a pleasant environment and having nice colleague. I love what I do in the scheduling department and I've enjoyed building relationships with our patients over the years. 

Margaret Barnes

Team Lead Appointment Scheduling

Over the years I've witnessed and helped to serve the growing Latino and West African population in Cincinnati with the help of our talented interpreters. The best part of working at THCC is that I get to provide medical care for families who may not have many resources, either due to lack of insurance, poverty or a language barrier. 

Sadiya Asif, M.D.


Working at THCC

Community health is a rewarding career field

The HealthCare Connection (THCC) provides a medical home to uninsured, underserved and low-income families in our community. Founded in 1967, we are a health care safety net with an annual budget in excess of $8 million. Our service network consists of three community health centers, two school-based health centers and two primary care/behavioral integrated care co-locations. THCC is always working to expand access to high-quality, affordable primary and preventive care. Learn more about our career opportunities by contacting us today and learn how you can make a difference in the health of your community!

It is the continuing policy of The HealthCare Connection to afford full equal employment opportunity to qualified employees and applicants, regardless of their race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, physical or mental handicaps, military or veteran status, sexual preference, or any other protected condition or characteristic in conformity with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.

Diversity of staff reflects the diversity of patients

We are diverse as a staff because we serve a diverse population. Abdourahmane Tall, an interpreter at the Lincoln Heights location, says that he looks at our organization as an “international zone,” with all of the different countries and cultures that are represented in our patient population. With all of the diversity that we serve, he says, “I think that we have to be ready for all of these differences to work with them.” Says another staff member, “Working here is like a melting pot – we are all the same but yet different with our diverse backgrounds. We strive to make each and every one of our patients and staff members feel comfortable being a part of THCC.”

THCC is a "Business of Character"

The HealthCare Connection is very proud of its distinction as a Business of Character from the Character Council of Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky (website). Part of the program that we have includes following a Character Quality of the Month, educating staff on the definition of different qualities, how they affect work and the workplace, and nominating fellow staff members that are examples of that trait. Nominees are recognized each month at an all-staff meeting and each receives a commemorative certificate signed by CEO Dolores Lindsay.

“It makes me feel good, that someone is watching, someone noticed that I’m doing a good job. And the CEO’s signature on the certificate lets me know that she cares too.” Carolyn Cox